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New series info D=

2009-06-06 00:18:36 by lazyboyclark


Yep, as probably none of you know (or care) I have started working on a series. I got the lovely audio artist ellebirdy23 to do some music for it but she wanted to know about the series. So yeah this post is basically for her but feel free to keep reading.

It starts off in a world without anger, sadness, fear. but eventually that gets COMPLETELY RUINED. what happens is these orbs of energy come to earth seemingly from outer space, and with their arrival they bring the negative emotions to us. The energy balls have like this really sweet power to them that they can give to people while theyre sleeping. At night theyll just like go inside someone and then BAM you are now a freakshow.

at the beginning it introduces the main character: Jordan. Jordan gets the ability to start fires (but since hes youg (like 8) he sucks at using his powers and just sorta makes embers.) but Jordan pretty much goes insane because of the mental overload that the new emotions caused to his mind. He goes on a power trip and fights some random kid and wins. After winning the kid starts bleeding, And the sight of blood makes Jordan go ballistic and he freaks out and burns his eyes by covering them. Jordan falls over and then the story moves on. A montage starts up showing two people with abilitys fighting and one of them dies. The orb of energy leaves the dude's body and goes to the random kid while hes sleeping.

2 years later: Meet Henry, Henry was the one who fought Jordan 2 years ago. Jordan has become depressed and antisocial. So Henry's gonna be our new main character. How tragic. and thats where the story gets interesting. Ive always liked the stories that made me feel emotions, and thats what im trying to replicate.

BTW henry is the blonde dude with the baseball hat in the enclosed instruction book- i mean picture. Hope you like it ellebirdy23 cuz this post took an hour to make -_-

New series info D=


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2009-06-06 00:25:22

lolz ^_^
I'll get started!

lazyboyclark responds: